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KY665FT Easystripper II



  • Alloy steel jaws can strip all types of wire from 10-26AWG (0.15 to 6 mm²)
  • With additional swivel knob, adjust to strip wire maximum 8AWG (8mm²), minimum 30AWG (0.05mm²)
  • Romax cable 14/2; 12/2 or NM-B cable 10-14AWG.
  • Metal constructed body with heat treatment.
  • Extra professional crimping die nest design for cord end sleeve.
  • With bi-component handle
  • Length: 205mm, weight: 350g


  • Strip & cut wire from 10-26AWG (0.15-6mm²)
  • Crimp cord end sleeve (European type terminals) from 0.5-6mm²
  • Packing:1pc/sliding card, 10pcs/60pcs/2'