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KY663T1 Multistripper PLUS


  • The tool is combine with stripper, cutter, screwdriver & electrical tester.
  • 1 or 2 pcs double ended bits 55mm
  • Length: 195mm
  • Weight: 134g


  • Electrical tester to test the current 110-250 volts through push the indication bottom amber light ON.
  • Double blade screwdriver PZ2 & Slotted 4.0mm
  • Strip regular wire use desired stripping position.
  • Strip coaxial cable SAT/RG6 use STEP1/STEP 2 stations.
  • Strip NYM Cable use Φ 8-13mm station located on the bottom of the handle.
  • Cable cutter maximum 3x1.5mm.
  • Build-in cable length indicator & bit compartment.
  • Handle lock, up-CLOSED handle, down-OPEN handle.
  • New OEM/ODM multi-function tool are welcomed!
  • Packing: 1pc/sliding card, 10pcs/60pcs/1.8'