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KY1372A Telecrimper



  • Body made by S45C with Zinc Alloy frame
  • Engineering POM crimping frame
  • Equipped with precision grounded device to have accurate crimping.
  • 3 types of crimping modular: 4P6P, 6P8P and RJ45
  • Ergonomically-designed comfortable PVC handle
  • Ratchet version.
  • Weight: 311g
  • Length: 203mm


  • Cuts, strips and crimps integral in one tool.
  • With KYP build in length stop for precisely wire stripping.
  • 2 crimping profile within a single tool without changing dies.
  • Advanced ratchet system.
  • Precision CNC grounded crimping teeth.
  • Crimp RJ45 & RJ11 Modular plugs.