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  • Strip & cut 16-30AWG (0.05-1.5mm²) solid and 18 -28AWG(1-0.08mm²) stranded wire
  • Cut and rethread 6 to 32, 8 to 32 and 10 to 32 screws
  • Double dipped comfort handles
  • Spring-loaded for opening action with lock.
  • Laser etched permanent markings and looping holes
  • Made by Medium carbon steel with black oxide finishing and rust protection.
  • Weight: 130g
  • Length: 165mm


  • Non-slip double dipped cushioned handles for comfort.
  • Integrated stripper & cutter in one tool.
  • Narrow, serrated pliers nose to pull, loop and bend wire.
  • Long, curved cutting blade.
  • Ease-of-use in reaching into tight places.
  • Clean ly shears bolts.